About Little Big Artists

Jimena Catalina Gayo

Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

I am Jimena, mother of two little BIG artists and a designer. In my profession I have to strive to be creative every day and have always been fascinated by how children apply creativity effortlessly in all aspects of their lives.

I often look for simple materials on the internet so that my kids can entertain themselves at home with just a sheet of paper and a pencil. But I have always found a lot of worksheets and few creative activities. There is nothing wrong with learning letters, numbers, languages… but I think we don’t leave enough room to train creativity.

Divergent thinking, decision making, problem solving, self-confidence and many others are skills related to creative thinking that our children will need in the future. That’s why I created Little Big Artists, with simple resources that turn drawing into a fun way for kids to explore their creativity.

✨ So they never stop creating.

I hope you like them and thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions you will find me at [email protected]

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