Fantasy Printable Worksheets

These fantasy printable worksheets are great tools for children to grow their creativity. They are designed to help develop unconventional thinking, decision making, problem solving, self-confidence and many more skills related to creative thinking. Most importantly, kids will find these creativity worksheets stimulating and fun.

Magic Potions Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Magic Potions

What will these magic potions do? Fill them with your drawings.

Halloween Museum Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Halloween Museum

This is not a frightening museum, the paintings are empty! Fill them with your art.

Roll A Monster Creativity Worksheet - LittleBigArtists


Roll the dice and draw what the number says.What monster will come out?

Roll A Princess Creativity Worksheet - LittleBigArtists


Roll the dice and draw what the number says.What unique princess will come out?

The Superteam Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

The Superteam

Imagine the powers of these superheroes and draw their costumes.

Christmas Museum Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Christmas Museum

The paintings have disappeared from the frames!Paint them again with Christmas spirit.

Cooking for Santa Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Cooking for Santa

Today you are the elf in charge of the kitchen. Cook (and draw) Santa Claus’ favorite dish!

Roll An Alien Creativity Worksheet - LittleBigArtists


Roll the dice and draw what the number says.What alien will come out?

Surprise Egg Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Surprise Egg

This egg has just hatched but… what will come out? Draw it!