Surprise Egg

Printable creativity worksheet

This egg has just hatched but… what will come out? Draw it!

This activity facilitates learning, enhancing the child’s freedom of decision and nurturing their creativity. With this worksheet they can develop observation, decision making, concentration, as well as fine motor skills in a playful way.

Use this both at home or in the classroom (as warm up, center activity or exercise for fast finishers). Just print it out and give it to the kid to start drawing!

Some extra ideas

  • Let your little big artist explore with a whole range of drawing materials: colored pencils, markers, collage, crayons, tempera, etc.
  • Leave the drawing completely free to the child’s imagination or customize to the child’s interests and current lessons in the classroom:
    • Free: What will come out of the egg? A bird, an alien, a monster, a baby, a lettuce? There are no wrong choices.
    • Custom: Narrow down the drawings within a set of options. Adapt the complexity of the set to the age of kids. For example: only draw animals that actually hatch from eggs (birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects), only draw vertebrates, only draw warm-blooded animals, etc.
  • Creative storm: challenge the kid to draw 10 completely different options in 10 minutes. When they finish they have to choose their favorite and explain how they came up with it.

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