Worksheets by topic

These printable worksheets are great tools for children to grow their creativity. They are designed to help develop unconventional thinking, decision making, problem solving, self-confidence and many more skills related to creative thinking. Most importantly, kids will find these creativity worksheets stimulating and fun.

Feelings and self

Worksheets for exploring and expressing one’s own feelings and learning to recognize those of others.

Animals and nature

Explore creativity with worksheets about the natural world and the living things we share the planet with.

  • Exploring the Deep
    This submarine is looking for new marine species. Can you draw them?
  • Party Deer
    This deer is going to a party,decorate and dress its antlers for the occasion!
  • Earth Full of Love
    Use your colors to make this drawing of a loving Earth unique.

Colors and shapes

Colors and shapes are basic elements that allow children to express themselves to the fullest because they can give them any meaning.

Family and people

Encourage children to be creative by imagining different types of families, diversity of people, jobs, etc.

  • My Selfie
    Look at you, what a great selfie! Draw it.
  • Roll-A-Princess
    Roll the dice and draw what the number says.What unique princess will come out?
  • Your Comic Book
    Imagine a story and draw it – how exciting!

Daily life

Surprising as it may seem, children can find creativity in the routines of everyday life: schedules, buildings, vehicles, meals… everything is an opportunity for the imagination.

  • My Selfie
    Look at you, what a great selfie! Draw it.
  • Urban Art
    Wow, what a marvel of urban art! What has this artist painted on the wall? Draw it.
  • Your Comic Book
    Imagine a story and draw it – how exciting!

Seasons and weather

The changing of the seasons throughout the year, and of the weather every day, is one of the most surprising and inspiring for kids.

  • Christmas Museum
    The paintings have disappeared from the frames!Paint them again with Christmas spirit.
  • Open Door
    Where can you go if you walk through this door? Draw it.
  • Open Window
    What can you see through this window? Draw it.


Halloween, Christmas, Easter… the holidays spark kid’s imagination with the added advantage that they are usually on vacation and have more time to create.


Unicorns, dragons, monsters, aliens and goblins. The limits of the real world do not apply to these worksheets that will delight children to the max.