The Superteam

Printable creativity worksheet

Imagine the powers of these superheroes and draw their costumes

This activity promotes the child’s self expression and creativity while also facilitating learning. Using this worksheet is a fun method to hone abilities including observation, decision making, focus, and fine motor control.

This can be used at home or in the classroom (as warm up, center activity or exercise for fast finishers). Simply print it out and hand it to the child to begin drawing!

Some extra ideas

  • Let your little big artist explore with a whole range of drawing materials: colored pencils, markers, collage, crayons, tempera, etc.
  • To make the activity more interesting, try providing a guideline that the drawing must follow. For example, they may be heroes from a culture very different from their own, or their powers may be related to nature.
  • Who or what do these superheroes fight against? You can invite the child to draw it on a separate sheet of paper.

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