What Are You Thinking?

Printable creativity worksheet

Draw inside your head what you are thinking or what interests you.

This drawing activity is perfect for the kids to practice self-awareness. This worksheet is designed to inspire them to express their feelings, ideas, thoughts and concerns in a creative way. Drawing challenges them to focus on their thought patterns, to look at life from another angle and to think visually. Children will experience a decrease in stress and an increase in self-awareness and self-esteem.

Use this both at home or in the classroom (as warm up, center activity or exercise for fast finishers). Just print it out and give it to the kid to start drawing!

Some extra ideas

  • Let your little big artist explore with a whole range of drawing materials: colored pencils, markers, collage, crayons, tempera, etc.
  • Leave the drawing completely free to the child’s imagination or customize to the child’s age or specific topics. For example, you can focus the activity on thoughts or feelings. In terms of age adaptation, younger children can simply doodle with the colors that express their feelings at the moment while older children can try to represent more complex ideas.
  • This is a good activity for kids to calm down when they feel angry, frustrated or nervous.

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