A Vacation Postcard

Printable creativity worksheet

From where did this postcard come from?

Get your child’s creative juices flowing with this dynamic activity sheet. It’s not just fun, it propels critical thinking and problem-solving. Plus, it paves the way for their imaginations to run wild.

This easy-to-use resource is a treasure for parents and teachers alike. Perfect for home or school, it gives kids a creative outlet that also lifts their confidence sky-high. Grab a printout, hand it to them, and watch their inner artist take flight.

A few tips to jazz things up

  • Offer your budding Kahlo a palette of artistic tools. Think markers, stickers, colored pencils, crayons, even collage materials.
  • You can ask the child to draw a postcard from a country, region or biome that they are currently studying in class.
  • The options are endless – is it a postcard sent by you or received from someone you know? from a place you know or one you would like to go to? is it sent to you from planet earth or is it from a space traveler?

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