Printable creativity worksheet

Who lives on each floor of this building?

Unlock your child’s creative potential with this engaging activity! Designed to boost decision-making and creativity, this worksheet is perfect for little learners. It helps develop key skills like observation, concentration, and fine motor abilities, all through enjoyable play.

Ideal for both home and classroom use, it’s a fantastic resource for a quick warm-up, center activity, or a fun task for quick learners. Just print it out and let the drawing begin!

A few tips to jazz things up

  • It is not only drawing the people living on each floor, but also their furniture, decoration, pets, etc. that suit their particular tastes.
  • Children may tend to draw homes that reflect their own. Challenge them to think of other types of neighbors that are very different from the ones they know, by age, by family type, by country of origin…

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