Party Deer

Printable creativity worksheet

This deer is going to a party,decorate and dress its antlers for the occasion!

This worksheet encourages kids to think creatively. It can boost problem-solving, critical, and divergent thinking. It’s a fun method for youngsters to express themselves and their ideas, boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

This worksheet can help parents and teachers develop kids’ creativity and originality at home or in the school. Simply print it out and hand it to the child to begin drawing!

Some extra ideas

  • Let your little big artist explore with a whole range of drawing materials: colored pencils, stickers, markers, collage, crayons, tempera, etc.
  • What type of party does the deer attend? Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, dance, costume… the decoration of its antlers will have to reflect this.
  • Put another sheet of paper attached to the bottom edge for the child to draw the body after the head, now it is indeed ready for the party!

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