Drawing activities for screen-free time

11 Drawing Activities to Unplug Your Kids from Screens

Our family isn’t strict about screen time. My kids have had tablets since they were tiny. They watch TV and use our smartphones to play video games. Yet, we monitor their screen time. When they’re bored and don’t feel like playing, we turn to drawing. It’s simple and fun.

Why drawing activities? Well, they’re easy to set up. All you need is to print them and a pencil. You can draw anywhere—waiting at the doctor’s, eating out, visiting family.

So I’ve picked 11 top drawing activities from LittleBigArtists. These are my kids’ favorites for screen-free fun. Trust me, they’re a hit!

Roll-a-monster drawing activity

Fun drawing activities for screen-free time

Imagine Your Own Map Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Imagine Your Own Map

The options with a blank map are endless: is it of the real world or an imaginary one? of this planet or one far away? of how to get to the supermarket or to find treasure?

Roll A Robot Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Roll A Robot

This is a silly drawing game where you roll dice to determine which parts of the picture to draw. This one is the favorite of my kids but check also Roll-A-princess, Roll-A-Monster and Roll-An-Alien.

Magic Potions Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Magic Potions

Do you have a potential Harry Potter or Hermione Granger? This versatile activity adapts to every season and celebration. Picture your child crafting springtime magic potions, conjuring up a Christmas wonderland, or delving into the spooky realm of Halloween.

Exploring the deep Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Exploring the Deep

This submarine is looking for new marine species. Can you draw them? Stimulate their imagination with different possibilities – what if the sea the submarine is exploring is on another planet?

Urban art Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Urban Art

You can finally give free rein to your child’s desire to paint on the walls!

Comic Book Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Your Comic Book

Imagine a story and draw it – how exciting! Challenge the child to play with character expression and body language to convey their emotions and personality.

Empty Museum Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Empty Museum

What a dull museum! Where are all the paintings? Let your kid draw them! Leave the topic completely free to the child’s imagination or customize to the child’s interests and what they’re learning in school.

The Superteam Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

The Superteam

Encourage your kid to imagine the powers of these superheroes and draw their costumes.

Impossible Equilibrium Creative Worksheet - LittleBigArtists

Impossible Equilibrium

In this activity children draw where the equilibrist is standing. Challenge them to think unconventionally. What might the character be balancing on besides a rope or a ball?

Your Very Own Video Game - LittleBigArtists

Your Very Own Video Game

If your kids could create their favorite video game, what would it be like? If they go blank you can ask them to base it on something they are learning in class: an ecosystem, a historical moment, countries of the world, fractions, etc.

Blank Giraffe Creative Worksheet

Blank Giraffe

This giraffe has lost all its spots! The child has to draw a new and original coat for it. Challenge them to think unconventionally, they can use patterns and colors that are never seen in the animal world.

I hope your kids have fun with them. Let me know in the comments how they worked for you! And as I said, these are our favorites but you can find many more here:

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6 thoughts on “11 Drawing Activities to Unplug Your Kids from Screens”

  1. just loved the idea of ‘Imagine Your Own Map’ activity, Jimena! it’s like, perfect for rainy days. got me thinking of fantasy worlds over my cup of earl grey. anyone else feel this?

    1. Yes! totally into this. My children been sketching out some minecraft maps. it’s a great exercise for the imagination.

  2. CyberPunkLad1990

    so like, how does one even start with ‘Your Very Own Video Game’ drawing, do ya just doodle or what, got me curious

  3. Loving the ‘Blank Giraffe’ prompt, such a unique way to stretch creative muscles! Has anyone tried mixing mediums with this one? Watercolors and markers might give it a cool effect.

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